SweetyBijou Online Stores

Exciting News for Our Valued Customers!

We're excited to announce the expansion of SweetyBijou with the launch of our brand new Canadian online store: sweetybijou.ca! This new venture joins our beloved original store, sweetybijou.com, which has been proudly serving you from Thailand for many years.


For products shipped from Thailand


For products shipped from Canada


What's New?

  • Broader Selection: While sweetybijou.com continues to offer your favorite products shipped from Thailand, sweetybijou.ca is introducing a range of new, unique items available to ship from Canada. This means more variety and new treasures for you to discover!
  • Convenient Shopping: Both stores share some of the same beloved products, but each site has its exclusive items, making your shopping experience diverse and exciting.
  • Streamlined Accounts: We understand the importance of convenience. While setup requires separate accounts for each store due to logistical reasons, we are working to make this process easier in the future. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve your shopping experience.
  • Shipping Details: Shipping costs and policies on sweetybijou.com and sweetybijou.ca vary depending on shipping locations (Thailand and Canada, respectively) and destination countries. This ensures that we can offer you the most efficient and cost effective delivery options.

Why Two Stores?

Creating two separate stores allows us to optimize shipping routes, reduce delivery times, and offer localized selections tailored to different regions. This strategic expansion is designed to enhance your shopping experience with SweetyBijou, ensuring you receive the best products and services no matter where you are.

We're here to help if you have any questions or need help setting up our new store. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we grow to serve you better!