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Set of 7 Stamps with 2 Cutters in Luxury Box - Collection ONE

Set of 7 Stamps with 2 Cutters in Luxury Box - Collection ONE

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Set of 7 Stamps with 2 Cutters in Luxury Box - Collection ONE on Etsy

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Unleash Your Creativity with Our Exclusive Stamps Collection!

Discover the ultimate set of 7 meticulously designed circle-shaped stamps, perfect for all your polymer clay crafting needs. This luxurious collection includes two additional cutters, providing even more creative possibilities. Each stamp features intricate patterns, ensuring your projects stand out with unique and detailed designs.

7 Unique Stamps

  • Greek Style Stamp

    Add a touch of ancient elegance to your polymer clay creations with intricate Greek-inspired patterns

  • Celtic Stamp

    Infuse your projects with timeless Celtic knots and motifs for a classic and sophisticated look

  • Flowers Stamp

    Bring your designs to life with delicate floral patterns, perfect for adding a natural, organic touch

  • Waves Stamp

    Create dynamic movement in your clay pieces with flowing wave patterns that evoke the beauty of the ocean

  • Flowers Stamp

    Use this floral stamp to imprint charming, detailed blossoms, enhancing the aesthetic of your work with nature-inspired beauty

  • Twisted Pattern Stamp

    Incorporate intriguing, twisted patterns into your projects for a unique, eye-catching effect

  • Greek Style Stamp

    Enhance your designs with a second Greek-inspired stamp, providing even more options for classical detailing

  • Two Cutters - 2.5 & 5cm

    Cutters are designed to perfectly complement the stamps, allowing you to effortlessly cut out the exterior shape and create precise holes inside

  • Versatile Designs

    A variety of circle patterns to inspire endless creativity in your polymer clay projects

  • Premium Quality

    Crafted from durable materials to ensure precise and consistent impressions every time

  • Perfect For

    • Polymer clay enthusiasts
    • Jewelry makers
    • DIY craft projects
    • Gifting to creative friends & family
Set of 7 Stamps with 2 Cutters in Luxury Box - Collection ONE Stamp SweetyBijou Tools

Experience the blend of luxury and practicality

The Luxury Box is designed to impress with its sophisticated appearance and provide a convenient storage solution for all your crafting tools. Crafted carefully, this box ensures that all seven stamps and cutters are always neatly organized and readily accessible, making your creative process smoother and more enjoyable.

Elevate your crafting space to new levels of organization and efficiency.

  • Perfect Organization

    At SweetyBijou, we understand the importance of an organized workspace for artists. This is why we have designed our box to perfectly fit the 7 stamps and cutters, keeping them in place and easy to find. Say goodbye to clutter and misplaced tools and enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable crafting experience.

  • Convenient and Secure

    Our Luxury Box features a magnetic closure system, ensuring that the lid stays securely closed at all times. You can trust that your tools will remain safely stored, whether you’re at home or on the go. The magnetic lid adds an extra layer of convenience, making it quick and easy to open and close the box.

  • An Ideal Gift

    Beyond its functionality, this elegant box makes a perfect gift for any crafting enthusiast. Its stylish design and practical features will be appreciated by anyone who values both beauty and utility in their crafting tools. Give the gift of organization and elegance with our Luxury Box.

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Maria Pana


Get Yours Today!

This exclusive Collection One stamp set is a must-have for any creative enthusiast. Enhance your art and craft projects with these high-quality stamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already ordered the full set of stamps. Can I get the box?

If you have already ordered the full set, we will provide the box for free. You only need to pay for shipping. Alternatively, you can place a new order, and we will include the box with your new purchase.

I bought several stamps from the set. How can I get the box?

You have two options. First, you can purchase the box separately (you can find it here). Second, you can buy the remaining stamps to complete the set of 7, and we will send you the box for free.

Can I buy just the box?

Yes. It is available at the following link.